Erosion control

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Channels , rivers , ponds and streams will erode the embankments in the course of time. This means that the slopes can collapse due to material getting washed and blown away. To avoid this process mattress can be installed and filled with stone. It is good practise to install them on a geotextile which will prevent the escape of small soil particles.

Woven material is advised since they will adapt to the occurring settlements without breaking.
If settlements are limited welded mesh can be used.

Below you can find an example of a retaining wall in combination with erosion control. Woven gabions are used as a foundation for the retaining wall and installed on a geotextile. This geotextile is extended to the backside of the wall to avoid internal erosion. The slopes are covered with woven mattresses and kokofibers. 

Erosie controle

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