Retaining walls

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Gabions are often used as mass gravity retaining walls for slopes , roads and gardening applications. They are designed to resist the occuring soil pressures and surcharges based on the coulomb method. A retaining wall for a road with heavy traffic needs a larger section than a retaining wall for a garden. The coulomb method states that the safety factor against oveturning needs to be 2 , and the safety factor against sliding needs to be 1.5.

The gabions are then filled with coarse , frost resistant and hard stone. 
Coarse stone to receive a good interlocking of the stonefill 
Frost resistant to avoid the breaking and escape from the mesh during winter
Hard so they do not break when installing gabions on top of each other.

Retaining walls are designed using different widths in order to receive an equal spreading of the loads.

Retaining wall

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