Needed information

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To be able to assist you as best as possible we need the following information :

1) What is the application area?
* Retaining wall
* Freestanding wall
* Cladding
* Gardening
* Erosion control
* …

2) In case of a retaining wall , what do we have to retain?
* Garden
* Road with light traffic
* Road with heavy traffic (trucks and lorries)
* Parking
* Railway
* Additional loads
* Soil properties

3) In case of a freestanding wall
* What is the available space regarding the width of the wall?
* Is an internal structure needed or do you want a freestanding wall?
* location of the wall to anticipate the occuring windloads.

4) A dimensioned plan , sketch or drawing

5) Preferably some digital pictures of the project to get a good understanding of the scope.

6) Any other information or special whishes

This will allow us to assist you as best as possible