What are gabions

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Gabions (which means big cages in Itallian) are geometrical shapes composed out of welded mesh panels or hexagonal woven panels. The panels are connected by using either lacing wire , clips or spirals to create a compartment to fill with course , hard and durable stones or recycled material.

Gabions are often used to construct retaining walls by installing different sections for different heights. Usually the structures could be build without mechanical equipment and the excavation + foundation requires minimal effort. Upon the completion, a gabion structure can take its full load immediately without the waiting periods – of up to one month – normally associated with concrete structures and furthermore, it is relatively easy to obtain good construction quality because of the simplicity of the two construction materials, i.e. the gabion baskets and the stones or rock fragments.

The other main application areas are construction of freestanding walls , erosion control , sound barriers , lining of culverts , weirs , architectural applications, … .

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